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Kohler OnCue Remote Generator Management – Interlock Electric
Kohler Generator

With OnCue from Kohler controlling and monitoring your Kohler generator is now possible. The OnCue software allows you to monitor and control your Kohler generator from your home or office or from anywhere else in the world.

Kohler’s pioneering and innovated technology allows you to:

Receive scheduled email alerts or SMS text on your computer or phone
Receive emergency email alerts or SMS text on your computer or phone
Monitor and control your Kohler generator from your laptop or computer in real time
Ability to add others to your alerts for maintenance or repair issues

These features insure that your Kohler generator is ready to perform when you need it.

The OnCue solution is very affordable; with a low set up cost and no monthly or yearly monitoring fees. Your initial purchase is all that you ever pay for. The setup uses your existing router and internet connection, and only requires a CAT 5E cable installed from the router to the generator. Once the setup is completed, the software and navigation is very user friendly.

For additional information you can view the short videos found on this page or contact us by phone or click on the link “Request Quote” found below.

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