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As an Authorized Kohler Dealer for 7 years, we have proudly served the Tampa Bay area installing, servicing and repairing generators for our residential and commercial clients.

Our commitment to our customers to provide the best product for their needs meant choosing Kohler as our exclusive product line. We feel that our partnership with Kohler affords our customers the best value for their investment.

With so many generator choices out there, why choose a Kohler generator? To start with Kohler has been building generators for over 90 years. Kohler generators are very reliable; a commercial grade engine is installed in all of their generators. These generators deliver "clean, high quality" power that in some cases surpasses your utility company. This insures that all of your sensitive electronics receive a high quality power source and are protected from damage. Some generators that produce an unstable, poor power source can actually damage your equipment with repeated usage. With a five year warranty and a Consumer Reports "Best Buy" rating it’s hard to beat a Kohler generator. For additional information you can view the short videos found on this page or contact us by phone or click on the link "Request Quote" found below

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